PDF Unlocker is a simple and useful application that will remove the password and restrictions on any PDF file that you can read.
There are two types of passwords that can be used in a PDF file.
1. A password that restricts some functions. Such as printing, copy & paste. This is the most common type. {Owner}
2. A password to open the file for reading. {User}
Using this application is very simple. After installation:
To remove type 1, that is printing, copy & paste restriction, just drag your PDF file on to the link on your desktop (on to PDF Unloacker icon). With in a few seconds it will remove the password and allows printing or copying & pasting the contents from the PDF File.

To remove type 2 requires you must know the password to open the file. You can then remove this password and any restrictions.
Right click Remove PDF Password link (icon) and choose edit.
Directly after ‘-sPDFPassword=’ Place open password, without quotes. Close and save file.
Then drag and drop the PDF on to the link on your desktop. You can rename the file if you want.
The application is tested and found to be working properly and fast. It can be removes 40 or 128 bit passwords.

Download it from here :



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